Online Resources Related Traditional Archery

Online Resources Related Traditional Archery

Associations & Societies

British Horseback Archery Association
Information and about the establishment of The British Horseback Archery Association.

Traditional Archery Clubs Ellas
All traditional archers and clubs in Greece.

Hellenic Horseback Archery
Horseback archery society and informative site from Greece. In Greek language but you can visit the translated version.

International Bamboo Arrow Society
This society is dedicated to the construction, theory and use of bamboo, cane and reed arrows from around the world.

International Horn Bow Society
This society is dedicated to the construction, theory and use of composite bows from around the world.

Sacred Archery Society
A source of legends, traditions, and practices of archery amongst the Abrahamic faiths. Also contains excellent online downloadable resources of traditional archery.

Society of Archer-Antiquaries
Formed at the end of 1956 to further the study of the development of the bow and arrow across the world from earliest times until the present day and to consider all matters relating to the history of archery in general.

Tuba Archery - A Traditional Archery Club
An archery club in UK to revive a love for archery and specifically the styles and traditions of the East.

Turkish Archery Federation
Official web site of TAF.

U.S. National Archery Association - Flight Committee
Flightshooting records, flight rules and pictures from United States. Official web page of the NAA Flight Commitee.



Asian Traditional Archery Research Network
Provides for mutual friendly exchange and support among the different archery traditions of Asia, and to widen appreciation worldwide of the different archery traditions of Asia.

Grayson Archery Collection
Dr. Grayson has donated one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of archery-related materials in the world to the Museum of Anthropology.

Kemankes Archery Culture
Excellent site about Turkish Traditional Archery.

Korean Traditional Archery
Wide information about Korean Traditional Archery in technique, equipment, traditions etc.


Personal & Blogs

Gokmen's Turkish Flight Shooting
Turkish archer Gokmen Altinkulp's brillant Turkish Archery website especially on excercises & techniques.

Ridvan Uzuntas' Turkish Archery Blog
Turkish archery trainer Ridvan Uzuntas' rich archery blog about Turkish Archery. In Turkish and English language.



Classic Bow Europe
Traditional Hungarian made classic recurve bows and accessories archery store

Grozer Traditional Recurve Bows Hungary
Hungarian traditional bow manufacturer.

Kassai Lajos - HorseBows
Traditional bow and archery equipment manufacturer in Hungary.



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