Turkish Archery Network Resources

Turkish Archery Network Resources

All texts and pictures by Z. Metin ATES

Header image: Picture taken from "Panorama 1453" (Supervisor: Mr. Hasim Vatandas)


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Places of pictures:

  • Okmeydani, Istanbul
  • Topkapi Place Museum, Istanbul
  • Military Museum, Istanbul
  • City museums of Safranbolu, Samsun, Sinop and Amasya

Background Musics:

Marche de l'Exposition Ottomane (1863) / Callisto Guatelli Pasha (Director: Emre Araci)
Europen Music at the Ottoman Court (KALAN Music)


A view from Panorama1453, Istanbul
World's most detailed panoramic & spherical picture of Conquering of Istanbul, Topkapi, Istanbul
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