Turkish Archery Movies

Turkish Archery Movies

A Historical day of Turkish Archery

Turkish Archers from Institute of Turkish Archery met in historical Okmeydani (arrow-place) where was the first archers sports guild at 31st May 2009, Sunday. This area was not used for archery over the last 100 years. Purpose of that area has forgotten cause of wars, earthquakes and civil occupations. And now Turkish archers try to remind people about this place and its famous past.

Turkish Archery: Steam Bending Wood

Ilkay Demirhan demonstrate how to bend the woods with steam for composite bow.

Turkish Archery: Bullseye shooting with thumbring

Turkish archer Adnan Mehel making bullseye shootings with thumbring. Bow: 45 lbs Turkish Base Grozer Distance: 16.5 meters Release technique: Ferke

How to process sinew for composite bows?

Butcher to bow: Complete sinew demo.
Dr. Y. Metin Aksoy, shows sinew processing for composite bows.

Horn processing for composite bows

Turkish Bowmaker Y. Metin AKSOY shows horn processing for composite bows.

Bow Making demo by  Y. Metin AKSOY

Turkish Bowmaker Y. Metin AKSOY shows the basics of Turkish bow making. Also he shows bone point called soya making for Turkish arrow.

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The 2nd Hungarian Traditional Archer Table (MHIT)


The 2nd Hungarian Traditional Archer Table was held in Törökbalint, Budapest between February 13rd & 14th, 2009. There were 84 participants (61 Hungarian and 21 international) and 8 country supported the meeting.


Turkish Bows and Mounted Archers - ZDF

A documentary part from German ZDF television about Turkish bows and horseback archers called "Sipahi"

(Speech: German, Subtitle: Turkish)



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